Artrax MX Pro a Pleasant Surprise

I have been loyal to Dunlop tires for a long time. My favorites were the old 752’s and 756’s. Those of course have gone by the way side so I have been forced to explore the newer options. Having really liked the Dunlops, I kept my loyalty and limited my choices to the Geomax lineup. The MX51 rear tire was the one for me.

I really liked the way the tire performed on hard pack, mud and in deep soft dirt. I thought it was a well rounded tire able to deal with most conditions fairly well. Sadly, my MX51 failed long before the tread was worn out. When checking my chain slack one day, I happened to notice the casing was cracked. This wasn’t just a short crack that you might see on an old tire, this was a fairly serious crack all the way around the side wall. I deemed the tire unsafe and set out to get a new one. That was a major disappointment for me because I try to squeeze as much use out of a tire as I possibly can.

I’m a working guy, so making the most of my money is important. Cost of tires is a factor which was the reason I looked at the Artrax. The prices were a bit less than what I was used to so that lit up my interest a bit. Not without skepticism though, low cost can be a red flag for an inferior product. After I decided that the MX Pro was the model I might want, I began looking at reviews.

I read mostly positive comments on the tire, but honestly it can be hard to trust reviews because people sometimes comment prematurely on products, having not really used them much.” In truth, you never fully know about a product until you have used it awhile (case in point, my failed MX51). Still, some reviews indicate what the tire is all about. Besides the typical, “I like the tire” comments, there were others of interest. One reviewer said the tire was difficult to mount. Another said it was out of balance. Others stated the tire was difficult to seat on the rim, requiring a lot of air pressure.

The tire was cheap enough that I felt comfortable buying one. Installing it brought to life that the reviews I read were legit. This tire was indeed a bit difficult to install. Getting it started was the biggest problem, but it could be me as sometimes I just can’t seem to mount a tire easily no matter what type or brand it is. Whatever the case, I struggled with it and got it mounted. Upon airing it up, I found that getting the tire to seat properly really was difficult. As I approached 50 psi, I stopped, bled the air out, broke the bead and started all over with some fresh soapy water on the bead. Try number 2 was the same as I went past 50 psi until it finally popped in.

Satisfied with the mount and then drooling over a fresh knobby, it was time to go riding. My first ride on this tire was typical of most of my riding (exclusively motocross). Conditions varied from hard pack to sand, a little mud and some ruts here and there.  The track consisted of jumps from small 40 footers to 80 and 100 footers, mostly kindly shaped table tops and camel backs that don’t result in death if you are off a bit. The tire, to my surprise, was great. Cornering, ruts, mud…. all very good, very predictable. In the air I felt no balance problems at all.

My opinion has remained the same having now ridden with the Artrax MX Pro many hours. So far, I have about 6 to 10 hours of moderately aggressive motocross with the tire fitted to my 2010 KXF 450. The knobs still look fresh and there has been no chunking at all. So far, I like the Artrax MX Pro just fine.

Here is the Artrax Pro mounted to my KXF 450. This picture was taken after the tire had between 6 to 10 hours of moto on it. Click image for larger view.

You can get Artrax tires here.


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